Tips On A Thorough Electrical Home Inspections And Home Testing

SCHEDULE AN INSPECTION At various stages during construction, inspections must be performed by County staff to ensure the work has been done according to approved plans and building code requirements. Schedule Inspections Cancel or Reschedule Inspections Obtain Inspection Results Automated System for Plan Review Status and Comments Inspections must be scheduled by 3 p.m. on […]

Some Home Inspection Tips For Buyers

NEGOTIATING HOME INSPECTION REPAIRS You’ve been searching for the perfect home for weeks (or even months) and finally you found it.  The price was right, the home is in the school district that you wanted, and you can definitely picture your family living there for years to come. The home inspection is one of the […]

Tax Preparation Services May Now Become Necessary

What Should Be On Your Tax Preparation Checklist? Why should I use a tax prep checklist? Even if you’re having a professional tax preparer complete your tax return, a tax prep checklist can definitely come in handy. Using a checklist will help ensure you have all the information and documents needed to file. You’ll need […]

All You Need To Know About Eyes And Eye Care In Kids

Causes of blindness An overview of the most common causes of blindness worldwide. At least 75 percent of blindness is preventable. For many years now, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD has been working to reduce avoidable blindness. In most cases, treatment or prevention could be easy if sufficient resource were in place: by the timely administration […]

Deep Cleaning Wet Or Dry

The ultimate guide to deep cleaning your bathroom simple tips to a super clean bathroom 1. Open the windows Before you pick up a sponge, open all the windows to let the fresh air circulate. 2. Clear everything That’s right, everything – from towels, bath mats, shower curtains and liners, to freestanding furnishings, shower caddies […]

What To Do If You Find A Lone Bat In The House

How To: Get Rid of Bats Do you have bats in your attic? Wanna get rid of them? Then keep reading and I’ll show you how to get rid of bats and how it is easier then you may think. Just in case you’re wondering this is not a post on bat wrestling. You don’t […]

Off Road Truck Tires Driving Techniques And Safety

Fleet Truck Tire Maintenance Tips You Cannot Afford To Ignore Let’s face it. Fleet truck drivers, on the whole, are not terribly concerned with the proper maintenance of truck tires that are taking them from Point A to Point B. Especially now, with mandatory electronic logs that are keeping them accountable when on duty, they’re […]

The Best Way To Unclog A Clogged Toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger It’s safe to assume that most homes have a plunger. Unfortunately, however, bad luck has a way of finding the rare times when you’re unprepared. There may come a time, no matter how unlikely, when you find yourself with a bad toilet clog and no plunger. Panic-inducing […]

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Residential Roofing

How do you maintain a roof? Every home has a roof. Without one, you will probably be in discomfort, either from rain or the sun. As the roof shields you from adverse weather conditions, you also need to maintain it too, as maintaining it will make it serve you for a long time. Routine inspection […]