Long Distance Moving Can Bring Order To Your Possessions


When moving long distances, you lose the opportunity to stack your move across several days and multiple back and forth trips like you can when you’re moving within the same general location. A long distance move often requires one trip, and that alone can be daunting. How do you pack your things? How do you transport your items to your new home?

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to fine-tuning your plan to move long distance, but that doesn’t mean that it becomes an insurmountable task. The best thing to do is break your move down into steps to ensure you have all your bases covered.

Get the Basics Down

The obvious first step to planning a long distance move is deciding to take the jump and move long distance. Once you decide you’re moving to a place far from your starting point, you’ll find a whole list of little details that you need to take care of to make sure that your move goes smoothly and without too many hiccups.

Make A Schedule

You’ll have a lot of dates jumbled around when it comes time for your move. You’ll have plenty of closing dates, move out dates, and move in dates to consider as you try and narrow down when you actually want to make the move to your new home. You’ll want to have plenty of cushion when it comes to leaving your old home and moving to your new one. If your move has you crossing international borders while you switch to living in a brand-new country, you’ll also need to make time to make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork completed. You’ll also need to allow time to update personal items like your driver’s license and other forms of identification.


Money talks, and there’s no point in denying it. Your budget will decide a lot of things for you. Making a budget will leave you room for emergencies as well as let you see what you can afford. Is it better on your wallet if you do all your own packing and moving with trusted loved ones? Or can you skip the long road trip by hiring a moving company to handle transportation and flying to your new home? Many considerations should be made when it comes to your expenses during the move. You should start with your maximum amount for the entire moving process and then start allocating proportions for various expenses including supplies, potential moving companies, and utility turn-ons/shutoffs. One of the most important points when financially preparing for a move is allowing enough padding to catch you in case of an emergency.

Ultimate long distance moving guide – step by step

Planning a long-distance move is never going to be easy. You might have heard this before, but moving takes a lot of time to prepare. So, in order to make sure that everything goes according to plan, you should make sure to plan well and plan well-ahead. Today, we are going to take you through the ultimate long-distance moving guide. No matter whether you may be moving coast to coast or you might be looking for help

By the time that we are done, you will be entirely ready and capable of preparing for a long-distance move starting right from the beginning and organizing the move up until its final phases. After all, this is what you should be striving to achieve: to save the money by completing as much by yourself as possible.

The overview of the aspects of the long distance moving

Long-distance moves are very peculiar. Why is that? Well, there are moves when all that you need to do is to pack your items, dump them into the back of your car and get going. Usually, this is something that you can do once you are moving out of your home and into a college dorm, for example. However, long-distance moves are not like that. They require a lot more organizational skills, attention to details and the help

What follows is the general division of the things that you need to be mindful of when you start preparing for your long-distance move:

How to prepare for a long-distance move

How to pack when the long-distance move comes

Carrying out the move

Moving house checklist

How to prepare for a long-distance move

As they say, preparation is the key to everything in regards to long distance moving. In order to make sure that you are going to move easily and on time, you need to prepare well. In fact, your moving preparations should begin the very moment when you find the place that you are going to be relocating to. From that moment on, all long term planning that you do should be done in regards to the forthcoming move.

Long Distance Moving Guide

Planning a move to another state, or even another country, the entire moving process is much different than simply planning a move down the street. You’re likely to have mixed emotions when moving across the country, so allow our long distance movers

Plan Ahead

Because long distance moves are major life events, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to plan ahead. Reach out to different full-service movers a few months before you actually move to start planning your relocation. The summertime is one of the most popular times to move to a new home, so by planning ahead you’ll have your moving slot prepared and won’t be left without a moving company to handle the hard stuff.

Establish a Moving Budget

The cost of a move directly depends on how many belongings you’re bringing, more specifically, how heavy your items are. You also have to keep in mind that costs may go up the further your long distance movers are driving. It’s important to add up all the potential costs before packing up your moving van. Unexpected things can also happen during a long distance move, as well. Fluctuating gas prices and food while traveling are two small variables you should calculate into your moving budget.

Have a Schedule

Time can slip through your fingers when you’re in the middle of a move, so it’s important to keep organized with a calendar or schedule to make sure you’re staying on target. Some chores during your moving process can take more time than others, so allot yourself the proper amount of time to pack everything. Once you know you’re moving in the summertime, you can start packing your Christmas decorations and winter clothes a couple months before the actual move.

Make Sure You’re Insured

A lot can happen while your belongings are in the back of a moving truck while it’s traveling for hundreds of miles. Before your move, it’s important to determine whether you want full-value coverage or if you would rather stick to basic coverage. If you’re unsure of which coverage will work best for you, just ask the professionals

Long Distance Movers

Ready to get quotes from the best moving companies? Simply provide us with your move details and your contact information to receive a cost estimate as well as quotes from cross country movers. For more information on the different types of movers, as well as the factors that affect a moving estimate

Why Choose a Moving Company

So why opt for a moving company over a DIY alternative? For starters, hiring a long distance mover saves you from having to do any of the heavy lifting on moving day. This, in and of itself, is the most common reason why people choose to hire professional movers. Moving company pros know how to properly load and unload moving trucks, as well as how to move furniture without scratching the floors. Choosing a reliable and affordable moving company to handle your relocation only ensures that your move will be carried out in the most efficient way possible. It also frees up valuable time and energy that you can spend on other important to-do list items on your moving checklist.

Types of Moves Within the U.S.

Moving companies usually specialize in either local or long distance moves. While many moving companies offer both local and long distance moving services, others may only be licensed to operate locally and may not be able to cross state lines. Here’s more information on what these different moves entail as well as the differences between a long distance move and an interstate move

Local Moving Companies

A move that is less than 50 miles away within the same state is considered a local move. Local moves tend to be less expensive than long distance moves. In most cases, the cost of a local move is based on the number of hours it takes to move, the number of movers it takes to relocate your belongings and any added services performed by the movers (think: packing or furniture assembly). You’ll want to hire a local mover that’s licensed and insured. Reputable local movers typically specialize in an area or city and should be able to move you as efficiently as possible. Make sure the company offers a competitive hourly rate, has good reviews from locals and has all the proper credentials. The best moving companies in your area should meet these criteria.

Long Distance Moving Companies

A move that is more than 50 miles away is typically considered a long distance move. This is true even if the move is within the same state A long distance move that is within the same state is often referred to as an “intrastate move” by professional moving companies. A move to a different state would also be considered a long distance move. However, this type of long distance move, where you’re crossing state lines, is referred to as an “interstate move.” When looking to hire a moving company for your upcoming move, make sure to check whether they offer local, statewide and/or interstate moving. If you’re looking to move long distance within the same state, then you’ll need either a licensed interstate mover or a licensed local mover that has the ability to move statewide.


The moment you realize you will have to move far away from home is a scary one. That place has been your humble abode for years, maybe even decades, and the prospect of calling a new city home seems like a nightmare. Then there are those who could hardly wait to start over, and wish to get this relocation done as soon as possible. No matter which group you belong to, you will need a long distance moving guide to help you prepare for what’s to come

Start by creating a thorough plan

Surviving a long distance relocation will be a logistical nightmare. You will have to cram in a number of different tasks that need to be done, all the while making sure your daily life goes uninterrupted. It’s something that will be hard to achieve, but it can be easier if you make a good plan. Plan out the next few months down to the smallest details, and you will minimize the chance of failure.

There is a high probability that you will be tired and won’t feel like going out to buy packing supplies after the day at work you had. You will be tempted to skip it and deal with it the next day. And that’s when you’ll make an irreversible mistake.

Find good long distance movers as soon as you can

The moving industry is a lucrative one these days. In 2019 alone, the industry has garnered 12.6 billion in revenues. As much as 69.6% of that sum was earned on local and long distance moving services. Storage and warehousing brought in staggering 20.2%, packing services 7.5% and other moving services garnered as little as 2.7%. You can conclude that local and long distance movers

That’s why you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the last minute to book your mover. How does the process of finding a reputable long distance moving company work?

Start by sitting down at your computer and research the moving companies in your area.

Pay attention to their websites and the moving services they offer.

Make a short list of 3-5 candidates which seem to be satisfying all of your demands and contact them.

Request a moving quote for your particular situation.

Once you receive the quotes, compare them and choose the best option for you